Nichola Kent
Kent & Co is the story of an Instagrammer with a passion for foggy landscapes and a background in graphic design.
Born and raised in Stroud, at the industrial edge of The Cotswolds, I have grown up surrounded by glorious hillsides, commons and meadows full of wild flowers and and free roaming cattle. The valleys inbetween hold rivers, canals, mills and railway lines whilst the hillsides joining them are scattered with ancient woodlands and teaming with wildlife. The landscape is varied and breathtaking whatever time of year but early mornings with camera in hand are my favourite. The mist hangs in the valleys creating rivers of clouds and the trees, hedgerows and houses smudge together in layers of fading light.
From water colour to weaving I've dabbled with various creative activities all my life including photography. Instagram gave me a platform for my foggy pictures and when my 'day job' required me to create art digitally, it was only a matter of time until I started recreating some of my favourite photographs as simplified graphic illustrations.
 I work on a laptop and tablet, the composition is sketched and the layers are added, starting with the foreground. Finally the details which create movement and tell the story of the season are slotted in. Colour is kept simple to juxtapose the atmospheric greys of the distant landscape. I use my own photos for inspiration as over the years i've built up a huge library of images and often stop on a walk to snap a good tree or a dried up plant at the side of the road!
I hope you enjoy browsing through my work, locals amongst you will probably recognise a lot of the scenes.
Pet portrait commissions available, please enquire for information and prices.
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All pictures and photographs Copyright of Nichola Kent, Kent&Co