Kent & Co is the story of an Instagrammer with a passion for foggy landscapes  and a background in graphic design.
Nikki's fog drenched photos are the inspiration for this collection of colourful ready framed art prints and blank greetings cards. Layers of graduating tones are brought to life with landmarks, animals and birds, mostly from local scenes close to Stroud, a vibrant town at the edge of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. Colour is added in bold pattern to juxtapose the atmospheric greys resulting in a modern, dynamic range of graphic art prints. 
Each print is good to go in it's own right or can be mixed and matched with others to build a striking collection. All prints are square and can be arranged in endless formations to suit your wallspace. Choose colours from the collection or get in touch to discuss a custom colour.
Pet portrait commissions available, please enquire for information and prices.
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All pictures and photograps Copyright of Nichola Kent, Kent&Co